USM and UMS student groups rally in downtown Portland

Photo by Chris Shorr, BDN.

Around noon on Thursday, roughly two hundred supporters for #USMFuture and #UMaineFuture rallied in downtown Portland to spread awareness and advocacy for their cause.               As I meandered through the crowd taking pictures I was handed a flier which explained who the two groups are and what they stand for: “WHO […]

Raymond native gets a shot at the big time

Alex O'Neill of Raymond wins the Pro Tour Qualifier for the 'Magic the Gathering' circuit. Photo credit- Brenden Hill, Crossroad Games.

Usually when we hear about someone “going pro” we automatically think of a sports star. At the same time, when we think about someone making it big as a card player we usually think of a poker player in Vegas or Atlantic City. Well, what if I told you that there’s an up and coming […]

Did WMPG really give John Eder a radio show?

Photo credit- Troy R. Bennett, BDN

Well no, not really. But they did give him the go ahead to guest-host ‘Local Solutions‘, normally hosted by Jodie Lapchick, and he’s crazy enough to think that inviting me on as a featured guest sounds like a good idea. The show airs on Wednesday nights from 7:30-8. Tune in for what promises to be an interesting […]

Fifteen Maine Green Independents make ballot for state legislature

Maine Green Pic

This year’s November election will feature a whopping fifteen candidates from the Maine Green Independent Party running for seats in Augusta. I caught up with one of the candidates for State Representative, Chairman of the Portland Green Independent Committee, Tom MacMillan, to get his reaction to the great showing for the party (of which I am a proud member): “I […]