#USMFuture raises more than $2,800 in first day of #NoMoreNice campaign

28002On Wednesday morning members and supporters of the #USMFuture group held a rally on the University of Southern Maine campus in Portland to help spread awareness for their #NoMoreNice campaign.

#NoMoreNice, which was announced via this blog last week, is a fundraising effort to pay for things like an audit of the university; an investigation into waste and oversight in university systems; and even“lawyering up” with the intention to “investigate potential class-action lawsuits.”

Several people spoke to the crowd at the rally, including #USMFuture leaders and current USM professors from each of the three programs being eyed for the chopping block.

#USMFuture member Michael Havlin speaks to the crowd.

#USMFuture member Michael Havlin speaks to the crowd.

One of the last people to speak was #USMFuture member Michael Havlin, who graduated from USM this past spring with a degree in economics. Havlin announced that the #NoMoreNice campaign- which officially began accepting donations on Fundrazr.com on Tuesday afternoon- had raised over $1,800 in less than a day.

He implored the crowd to help spread awareness for the fundraising effort:

“I understand that a lot of the people here today aren’t able to give any money, but you can share on Facebook, you can Tweet about it, you can Tumble it. You can tell your friends all over the country about it, we can take this thing viral.”

I was informed later in the day by #USMFuture member Philip Shelley that they had raised an additional $1,000 after the rally convened.

With an original goal of $10,000, the campaign is off to an incredible start. For more information on the fundraising effort, click here.

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