14 piece band “Tredici Bacci” performs in Congress Square Park

tredicibacciIn their ongoing collaborative effort to revitalize Congress Square Park, the Friends of Congress Square Park and SPACE Gallery have launched a free summer concert series.

On Sunday afternoon, a fourteen piece band called Tredici Bacci put on an excellent show for the roughly 150 people in attendance (plus a few hundred more who stopped for a minute to listen before continuing on down Congress Street).

The sound quality on my camera phone does not do this band justice, also my dog insisted on a sniff and greet with another pooch mid-song which threw me off my camera work.

But you should listen to it anyways, because they are really good:

The show was coordinated by SPACE music programmer Peter McLaughlin and SPACE events manager Adam Stockman.

I spoke with lead guitarist Simon Hanes after the show, here’s what he had to say about performing in the park:

“It was a really cool venue to play in, the audience was really great. I’ve never played in a park like this before, I’d love the chance to do it again.”

Chris Shorr

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