Pictures and video from last night’s epic thunderstorm in Portland

It’s no news to anyone that we got a little rain in southern Maine last night.

As I sat in my downtown apartment listening to the thunder and lighting crack overhead and watching the quickly growing urban rivers cascade through my neighborhood, the photographer/journalist in me was itching to get out and take some pictures of the event.

Unfortunately, my dog was not having any of it. He stood firm at the doorway with no intentions of venturing out into the downpour, and I couldn’t leave him alone with all that frightening thunder and whipping wind outside.

So I figured there would be at least a few other Portlanders crazy enough to get out and take footage of the storm, and boy was I right.

I went for a walk this morning and got a few of my own, which I posted to Instagram and Twitter under the hashtag “#theaftermath”. As the sun rose on a soggy Portland, it was as if a bomb had gone off. People were walking around in a daze, loose gravel from the streets had been torn up, car alarms that had been triggered roughly eight hours prior still sounded waiting for their owners to return. Many cars had been completely flooded, so people were out trying to figure out ways to get them started or at least moved.

Dead birds and trash littered the streets, and homeless people came out from their hidden places of respite from the rain.

Kudos to the brave souls that got out and documented this unforgettable storm. Here are some of the crazier pictures that I found on Instagram this morning, and one insane video pulled from Youtube.

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