City of Portland kicks off “Pilot Bike Corral” project

There’s no question that when it comes to modernizing our transportation infrastructure, the City of Portland needs to step up their game.

Today marks a step in the right direction though, as the city kicks off their “Pilot Bike Corral” project.

Taking advantage of internationally recognized “Parking Day”, the city has designated a parking space on Congress Street to showcase an idea which could help create the call for more bike corrals across the city.

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Kristine Keeney from the city’s Planning and Urban Development department is helping to promote the idea, sitting on the sidewalk next to the bike corral and explaining the purpose of the project to curious passersby.

Keeney said that the city has already installed one permanent bike corral on Commercial Street in an unused loading zone, but that people interested in creating more of them should start asking local businesses to consider the benefits of having one installed in front of their business.

Benefits of Bike Corrals listed in a flyer include:

-increased retail parking turnover

-better storefront visibility and outdoor seating environment

-helps advertise bike friendly businesses

-addresses high bicycle parking demand

-helps to provide convenient and secure parking for bicyclers

For more information and to find out how you can apply for a bike corral in front of your business, click here.


Chris Shorr

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