Two Maine men celebrate on field with Patriot players after Super Bowl victory

There weren’t any players in last night’s Super Bowl who call Maine home, but for New England Patriot fans from the Pine Tree State that doesn’t make the dramatic, come-from-behind 28-24 victory over the Seattle Seahawks any less sweet.

And as an added bonus to what may have been the biggest and best game in Patriot’s franchise history, two Maine men actually made it on the field to celebrate after the game, and one of them even photo-bombed Patriot’s tight end Rob Gronkowski from the stands as “Gronk” gave a gleeful post-game interview on ESPN immediately following the win.

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Tom Pelletier, who pulled off the hilarious photo-bomb and was there with his brother Eric O’Donnell, now lives in Connecticut, but he attended Portland High School and O’Donnell lives in Bath, ME.

I was able to reach Pelletier on Facebook, and he sent me a great message that he wrote “half asleep.” Here’s what he had to say about the amazing experience:

“Yes that’s me! I was there with my brother Eric. We’re both Mainers but I live in Norwalk, CT these days. I went to Portland High.

We were so pumped to go to our first Super Bowl, we were so blessed to have amazing seats (after what happened with the ticket market this week with prices and brokers)… we were 5 rows off the field on the Pats sideline. The game winning TD to Edelman was right in front of us.

TV with Gronk 4We were outnumbered by Seattle fans all weekend out here — I’m sure you could hear the crowd noise on TV too, it was definitely an away game for our boys.

It was a roller coaster second half, and despite never doubting Tom Brady and the guys could get it done, we all have to admit that after that insane bobbling catch by Kearse we were having instant nightmares of the curse of David Tyree!

I don’t know what they were saying on TV but in the Pats section where we were, we were all just praying Tom would be able to lead a miraculous 2 minute drill in under 1 minute, assuming Seattle was going to punch in that game winning TD.

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But Butler’s pick was incredible and the stadium went nuts. Tragedy and triumph for both sides but ultimately the good guys won!

Going on the field after was amazing, we did snow angels in confetti and we got to see several players close up including Tom Brady.

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Timing the Gronk photo bomb certainly helped put the icing on the cake of a night I will be talking about for the rest of my life… solely going to a Super Bowl was already on my bucket list, but I was fortunate enough to experience the best Super Bowl of all time up close and even sneak in a crazy hello on ESPN to all my friends and family!”

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Chris Shorr

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