Maine woman gets up close look at “Gronk” at Bruins game

On Saturday, Feb. 7 the Boston Bruins honored several of the New England Patriots players at the TD Garden to celebrate their Super Bowl championship.

To the crowd’s delight fan favorite, tight end Rob Gronkowski (aka “Gronk”), did the on-ice rendition of his famed touchdown dance, known as “Gronking.”

Right before he and the rest of his teammates in attendance went out onto the ice, a Maine woman who was at the game got a big surprise when she looked over her shoulder and saw the newly crowned champs just an arm’s length away:

Nichole Hayes of Greene was the lucky Mainer who took the pictures with her phone. Patriots defensive end Chandler Jones is the guy wearing the black hat.

Here’s what Hayes had to say about the experience:

“It was my first Bruins game so I was so excited to be there. Before the game started they announced, “our champion Patriots are here.” The Patriots players walked out onto the ice in Bruins jerseys and the crowd went nuts.

Between periods I looked to my right and there was Rob Gronkowski.

Suddenly fans came running and cameras started rolling and filming a short interview with him and Chandler Jones. It made the game, to say the least.

 Other fans saw how close I was to them and saw me snapping photos on my big iPhone. I had several strangers ask me to text or email them my photos- so I did.

When the Patriots went back onto the ice the crowd went nuts again, then Gronk spiked a hockey puck off of the ice. 
Later on in the game they showed Gronk in the stands on that huge TV that hangs over center ice.
That time, when Gronk realized he was on camera he spiked a pizza box off the ground.”
Chris Shorr

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