St. Patrick’s Day ‘Pot of Gold’ Protest planned for the State House

The Maine People’s Alliance has announced a protest to be held on St. Patrick’s Day at the Maine State House.

Protestors rally outside the State House in Oct. 2011. Photo, Joel Page- AP.

Protestors rally outside the State House in Oct. 2011. Photo, Joel Page- AP.

The intent of the protest is to call attention to the negative impacts of Governor LePage’s budget proposal.

Here’s the statement in full:

“Mainers Will Protest Gov. LePage’s “Pot of Gold” for the Wealthy

Pot of GoldOn Tuesday, March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, nearly a hundred Mainers from across the state will gather at the State House to highlight the wrongheaded priorities of Governor LePage’s budget proposal, which would make deep cuts to education, health care and local communities in order to fund income and estate tax breaks that predominately benefit a wealthy few.

Participants directly affected by the proposed budget will make brief public statements in the Welcome Center before the group delivers “gold coins” with written messages to the Governor’s Office.”

Chris Shorr

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