Portland’s pigeon man: “Spread some love today”

Known around town as the “Pigeon Man,” Starr Sarabia, of Portland, has been featured in several news stories over the past few years, and he’s made quite a reputation for himself.

So much so, that as he feeds and plays with his avian friends in downtown Portland, passersby take selfies with him, ask to pet the pigeons, and even profess their love for him:

In the above video, posted to his Facebook page this week, Sarabia offers a simple message:

“Spread some love today, feed a bird, hug an addict on the corner.

Just spread a little love, make a difference in the world.

Love goes a long way.”

In an interview with Sarabia on Saturday, he added, “I’d just say that a little love goes a long way so long as one is receptive to the idea.”

Then he ended with his trademark catchphrase, “Go flock yourself! ♥”

Check out these photos of Sarabia taken by BDN photographer Troy R. Bennett in 2013:

Chris Shorr

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