Maine native dances in Patriots pre-game show

During the hysteria of Deflategate, calls were made for the Patriots to hold off from their championship banner raising ceremony unless Tom Brady was in attendance and in uniform.

Traditionally, the Super Bowl champion from the previous season will raise their new banner on the first home game of the following season, but with a possible Brady suspension looming, fans wanted the team to wait until he was there to celebrate last year’s title.

With the suspension overturned, though, Brady was ready to roll last night and the team was ready to raise their banner next to the other four from the 2001, 2003, and 2004 seasons.


With so much of the focus on the ceremony, a dance team from Boston called DanceWorks Boston was given the thrill of a lifetime when they were asked to participate in the celebration with an on-field dance as the banner was raised.

Cara Spilsbury, a Portland native and 2002 graduate of Deering High School, has been a member of DanceWorks Boston for several years after getting her start in dancing at Casco Bay Movers in Portland, and was happy to share her experience.

Spilsbury posing with an official Patriots Super Bowl championship ring.

Spilsbury posing with an official Patriots Super Bowl championship ring.

“We had to learn a ton of choreography,” said Spilsbury on Thursday after the game. “We came to practice at Gillette Stadium yesterday for 7 hours!”

According to Spilsbury, the dance routine was part of a surprise celebration.

“Everything was kept so secretive because they wanted the show to be a surprise for the fans,” she said.
“The stadium was electric. The whole building seemed to be shaking! And when Tom Brady ran out on the field, the fans erupted!”


She didn’t just participate in the dance number though:

“I also got to hold the American flag with all of the military members on the field when Grace Potter sang the National Anthem, and we all started singing together at the top of our lungs. The entire stadium joined in as well! It was so surreal!”
Now, Spilsbury says it’s a memory that she’ll have forever.
“During the National Anthem, I couldn’t stop thinking about how this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I tried to soak it all in.”
All images from Spilsbury’s Facebook page.
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