Why won’t Gov. LePage’s office talk to Rachel Maddow?

In the past several years, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow has skewered Maine Gov. Paul LePage on several occasions for various reasons, as have countless other pundits and journalists.

LePage, whose remaining base of support comes from the farthest reaches of Tea Party bat-shittery after years of childish outbursts and boorish bullying, has apparently taken Maddow’s reporting personally.


In response to a Maddow staffer who reached out to LePage’s office for clarification on whether or not the governor will give his annual State of the State address this year, LePage’s spokesperson, Peter Steele replied.

“Why does Rachel Maddow have such an unnatural obsession with Governor LePage?” Steele wrote. “Her neurotic fixation on him is kind of bizarre.”

“Is this seriously your response?” the staffer replied. “Should we take this to mean that the governor has not yet made up his mind?”

“It is a serious question,” Steele replied. “Does Rachel have ties to Maine? If not, what is her weird fascination with him?”

See Maddow’s response here:

The reason for the inquiry from the Maddow staffer was because just two weeks ago LePage said during his weekly radio address on WVOM that he didn’t want to give the address because some members of the legislature want to impeach him.

“Why am I gonna go up and face people and talk to them in an audience that just the day, you know a week or two before they’re trying to impeach me?” complained the governor.

When Maddow’s staffer wrote back to ask Steele if he could simply answer the original question, Steele demanded, “You first. What’s with Maddow’s obsession with the governor?”

The effort to impeach LePage has since been tabled, but whether or not he’ll give the traditional State of the State address remains unclear.

“I cannot tell you whether Maine is getting a State of the State this year because the governor apparently finds it very offensive that I would even want to know,” said Maddow. “All I can tell you is that the State of the State address usually takes place by early February- but apparently you’re a sicko if you want to know any more about it than that.”

Note: Peter Steele, in a later message to the BDN, indicated he was joking.

Chris Shorr

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