Portland native’s star continues to rise in country music world

For those interested, Portland’s own Kalie Shorr will be performing on Taste of Country, a nationally syndicated country music radio show, at 7 pm tonight (March 14).

Kalie Shorr.

Kalie Shorr.

The show is taped in Nashville, where Kalie lives, but Mainers can catch the show on 103.7 the PEAK.

Kalie’s lived in Nashville since 2013, where she’s carved out a place for herself among country music’s rising young stars, and following the recent release of her new hit single, “Fight Like A Girl,” things have really taken off.

Watch the Fight Like A Girl video here:

For more news and background on Kalie, check out kalieshorr.com.

Note: For those wondering, Kalie is my younger sister, and although I burst with pride for her, I have always consciously avoided blogging about her as her career has taken off. It’s not that I don’t want to write about her- if I could I’d sing her praises from the rooftops- but more due to the respect that I have for her ability and desire to make it on her own.

Kalie Shorr.

Kalie Shorr.

Still, what she’s doing is really impressive, so I just wanted to open the door to any readers out there who haven’t heard of her yet to learn her story and listen to her music.

Her accomplishments, grace, and promise are something that all Mainers can be proud of.

Chris Shorr

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