Woman busted for fake inspection sticker made from police notice

On Tuesday, the Livermore Falls Police Department made a post on their Facebook page that’s creating a stir for a few different reasons.

The post, which shows two pictures of a falsified Maine vehicle inspection sticker, also includes an explanation. The fake stickers were found upon a routine traffic stop. The driver of the vehicle was also cited for having false license plates attached on her car, and driving with a suspended license.

To top it all off, the fake inspection sticker was made with a notice from the Auburn Police Department that appears to be a reminder to pay a fine.

“We gave her a B+ for her artistic abilities, an A for effort, a slight chuckle for the material used to make the fake sticker with, and three criminal summons,” wrote the Livermore Falls PD in their post.

The post, which has over 1100 shares in less than a day, is drawing a wide range of reactions.

There’s the obvious, mean-spirited responses that social media thrives on like, “You just can’t fix stupid!”

Then there’s people with legitimate safety concerns.

But then there’s also the people calling for an end to inspection stickers in Maine altogether, saying that it’s an unnecessary expense.

And finally, there’s those who are pointing out how the vicious cycle of unpaid fines, license suspensions, vehicle maintenance problems and the like can be so difficult to break out of, especially when a vehicle is needed for things like getting to work, but work doesn’t provide nearly the funds necessary for breaking the cycle.

Chris Shorr

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