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Slain Virginia journalist’s boyfriend shares heart wrenching insight

Alison Parker and Adam Ward. Image from

By now, the story of the two Virginia journalists who were shot and killed on camera yesterday has been covered by just about every news outlet in the country, and it’s stirring up some very understandable sadness, and some not-so-understandable controversy. Some are attempting to turn the story into a race issue, while others are […]

Maine native in viral video coaching Carmelo Anthony


About 24 hours after superstar basketball player Carmelo Anthony shared a video of an off-season workout in New York City, over 1.4 million people have viewed it directly. In the video, Anthony, who plays for the New York Knicks in the NBA, drains 8 shots on 8 attempts, and that apparently has New York fans excited […]

Paramedic earning $15 an hour gives take on fast food workers demanding the same amount

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In a post that’s headed towards viral territory, a paramedic from New York gave his take on fast food workers demanding $15 an hour in pay. Jens Rushing- the man who wrote the original post- also makes just $15 an hour, and his sentiments regarding the fast food worker’s raises might surprise you: Following the recommendation […]

Popular Portland band seeks public’s help finding stolen guitar

Photo from the North of Nashville Facebook fan page.

Anyone who’s followed the Portland music scene for the past several years has heard about the band North of Nashville. The band, which was founded in 2010, plays a hybrid style of country described as “contemporary country with an outlaw attitude,” and has cultivated a loyal local following as well as regional and national recognition. […]