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A Portland man’s tale of self discovery in Maine’s 100 Mile Wilderness

Chris Poulos stands at the summit of Mount Katahdin near the end of his 120 mile journey.

A old friend of mine from childhood named Chris Poulos recently took a solo journey through the 100 Mile Wilderness. He hiked roughly 120 miles in ten days, alone with nothing but his supplies, his thoughts, and a pen and notepad. He kept a handwritten journal of the adventure, which I have painstakingly transcribed into […]

Ok, it’s time to post my ‘Faces of Portland’ photo project.

"Positive Infectiousness"

For the past six weeks or so, I’ve been working on a photography project documenting the simple (yet complex) images of people’s faces in downtown Portland. It sort of started out as a way to raise awareness for homelessness, but it quickly morphed into something bigger. See, the more pictures I took the more I […]

USMFuture member Philip Shelley reacts to Flanagan hiring


  Note: This is not a formal statement by the USMFuture group, it is merely a candid reaction by USMFuture member Philip Shelley to the hiring of David Flanagan as USM’s interim President. Unfortunately the comments have been chopped and skewed by at least one major Maine media outlet. So I wanted to give Mr. […]