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14 piece band “Tredici Bacci” performs in Congress Square Park

In their ongoing collaborative effort to revitalize Congress Square Park, the Friends of Congress Square Park and SPACE Gallery have launched a free summer concert series. On Sunday afternoon, a fourteen piece band called Tredici Bacci put on an excellent show for the roughly 150 people in attendance (plus a few hundred more who stopped […]

Portland parks advocate Frank Turek- “Tuesday’s vote a once in a generation opportunity”

Here’s what president of the Friends of Congress Square Park, Frank Turek, has to say about Tuesday’s vote on the citizen referendum question asking Portlanders if they want to be able to vote on sales of the city’s public parks: “There’s a fundamental battle taking place in Portland right now and it’s not pretty. It’s […]

Local historian Abraham Schechter gives his take on Congress Square Park

I’ve lived and worked near Congress Square Park since its inception in 1982. As a teenaged MeCA student, living in the Eastland, I survived the building’s fire. I also witnessed a positive transformation by tandem virtue of the Park and Museum. The public space became the fulcrum point for our nascent Arts District. I’m also […]

Protect Portland Parks member Pat O’Donnell- “Parks are good for business”

On June 10th Portland voters will have the opportunity to enact into law the citizens’ initiative that 4200 Portland voters signed last November. Your vote makes a difference. This is a local election with one question on the ballot. Your vote counts. This vote is for all parks. 60 parks will have land bank protection. […]

Portland activist Jay York makes his case for Congress Square Park

Jay York is an outspoken member of the Bayside Neighborhood Association in Portland. He owns a home in Bayside, undoubtedly the city’s most troubled neighborhood, and is deeply ingrained in the fabric of his community. Here is his take on the city’s attempt to sell Congress Square Park: The City Council’s Housing and Community Development Committee […]