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Portland parks advocate Frank Turek- “Tuesday’s vote a once in a generation opportunity”

Here’s what president of the Friends of Congress Square Park, Frank Turek, has to say about Tuesday’s vote on the citizen referendum question asking Portlanders if they want to be able to vote on sales of the city’s public parks: “There’s a fundamental battle taking place in Portland right now and it’s not pretty. It’s […]

Local historian Abraham Schechter gives his take on Congress Square Park

I’ve lived and worked near Congress Square Park since its inception in 1982. As a teenaged MeCA student, living in the Eastland, I survived the building’s fire. I also witnessed a positive transformation by tandem virtue of the Park and Museum. The public space became the fulcrum point for our nascent Arts District. I’m also […]

Friends of Congress Square Park announce free Wi-Fi in continued revitalization effort

After helping to bring a popular food truck, a piece of public art doubling as an enormous bench, chairs and tables, and various free community events to Congress Square Park in recent weeks and months- the Friends of Congress Square Park have just announced that now free Wi-Fi is available in the controversial public space. […]

Congress Square Park seeing new life, without the help of Rockbridge Capital

There have been many forward thinking, exciting designs proposed as alternatives to Rockbridge Capital’s plan to build a bland looking events center on Congress Square Park. Unfortunately, the City of Portland has not given any of them- as the viable (and awesome) proposals that they are- the respect they deserve. Now look, you won’t find […]