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How PETA targeted the Maine lobster industry


In October of 2013, I attended a dual protest outside L.L. Bean heiress Linda Bean’s restaurant in Freeport. On one side was a couple dozen representatives from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). They were protesting what they claimed was “animal cruelty” against lobsters and crabs at a Bean owned processing plant in Rockland on the heels of […]

Giant sunfish surfaces in Casco Bay


In my constant search for cool pictures from the lobster boat, I was handed a gift. My Captain spotted this enormous sunfish basking in the spring sunshine, saying, “that’s the biggest sunfish I’ve ever seen in sixty years of lobstering”. We spotted the fish just southwest of Green Island. According to National Geographic, sunfish (or […]

Local lobsterman miraculously survives wreck at Dyer Cove in Cape Elizabeth, tourists take pictures instead of helping


Bob Raymond, a well known lobsterman from Cape Elizabeth, has taken a lot of grief over the years for the life jacket he wears when hauling his traps alone. After surviving a disastrous wreck on the rocky ledges near Two Lights State Park last week, which left his twenty foot skiff in shattered ruins, he […]