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Weather phenomenon on Sebago Lake causes bizarre “waves of snowballs”


About a month ago, Stone Point Studio of Maine posted an amazing video to their YouTube page of a rare weather phenomenon taking place on Sebago Lake: The video, which has roughly 183,000 views on the studio’s Facebook page and 17,000 views on their YouTube page, has also been shared widely on news sites around the […]

Why concussion revelations have me scared for my future

I'm #80, looking out onto the field as the pregame coin toss takes place before a game against Portland High School in 2001.

Things got hazy as soon as I took the fullback’s foot off my jaw. One of my teammates tackled him hard, right next to me, and he sort of helicoptered into my face. Immediately I felt a searing pain in my jaw, and I was seeing stars, but I was so jacked up to play […]

How Portland’s “Batman” saved a man’s life last night


If you aren’t familiar with Portland’s own Batman, allow me to introduce you to Roger Goodoak, founder of the Maine Homeless Veteran’s Alliance. I wrote about the remarkable work that Goodoak does for my column in The Portland Phoenix back in August. An excerpt from that column: “His job isn’t very clearly defined, but basically […]

With over 20,000 calling for impeachment, LePage further alienates Legislature

Photo- Troy R. Bennett, BDN

On Tuesday, Gov. Paul LePage said he’ll “probably” skip out on giving this year’s State of the State address to the Maine Legislature in person, and instead deliver his address by letter. The remarks were made during his weekly radio address on WVOM. “I don’t know,” said LePage. “It’s going to be some time but […]

Stephen King calls LePage’s racist comments “divine assholery”

Maine author Stephen King. Photo- Ashley L. Conti/Bangor Daily News

Stephen King is obviously best known for his endless stream of iconic written works, but he’s also become quite a popular Twitter star. The Master of Horror has 1.2 million followers, and he has made a habit of calling out politicians like Gov. LePage and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for the ignorant filth that […]