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Penobscot elder expresses outrage over tribal discrimination in Maine

Donna Loring

From the website IndianCountryTodayMediaNetwork.com, by Penobscot elder and former Maine state legislator, Donna Loring: “Being Indian in the State of Maine is like living on an iceberg of racism—a raceburg. Maine is the whitest State in America and it has been very white for at least the last two hundred years. Of course, it had […]

Maine Rep. Lockman calls colleague “Ayatollah of Eagle Lake” in online rant


On Thursday, Maine State Rep. Lawrence Lockman, a Republican from Amherst, posted a lengthy diatribe on his official Facebook page. In the post Lockman derogatorily refers to fellow State Rep. John Martin, a Democrat from Eagle Lake, as “the Ayatollah of Eagle Lake,” blames former Maine Gov. John Baldacci and other Democrats for under-funding Maine’s nursing homes, and […]

Carolina ACC Barnstorming Tour makes a rare stop in Maine tonight


For 36 years top players from the legendary Atlantic Coast Conference’s men’s basketball teams have gotten together in April and traveled around playing local club and high school teams. It’s called the ACC Barnstorming Tour, and it’s featured such players as Michael Jordan, Len Bias, and Tyler Hansbrough. The tour usually sticks to the southeastern […]

Local activist “furious” after Portland City Council meeting

Asher Platts.

From the Facebook page of local activist and Maine Green Independent Party leader Asher Platts: “I just left the joint finance committee meeting of the Portland City Council and the Portland School board, and I’m furious. For those that don’t know, the Portland School Board was arguing for a budget that kept pace with inflation. […]

How PETA targeted the Maine lobster industry


In October of 2013, I attended a dual protest outside L.L. Bean heiress Linda Bean’s restaurant in Freeport. On one side was a couple dozen representatives from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). They were protesting what they claimed was “animal cruelty” against lobsters and crabs at a Bean owned processing plant in Rockland on the heels of […]