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Paramedic earning $15 an hour gives take on fast food workers demanding the same amount

In a post that’s headed towards viral territory, a paramedic from New York gave his take on fast food workers demanding $15 an hour in pay. Jens Rushing–┬áthe man who wrote the original post- also makes just $15 an hour, and his sentiments regarding the fast food worker’s raises might surprise you: Following the recommendation […]

Maine People’s Alliance announces minimum wage referendum campaign

From Mike Tipping, representative for the Maine People’s Alliance and Mainers for Fair Wages: For Immediate Release Referendum Launched to Raise Maine’s Minimum Wage Six Mainers of diverse backgrounds from all over the state each took their turn signing an application in Augusta today to begin gathering signatures for a citizen-initiated referendum to raise the […]

Portland Greens announce plan to seek $15 minimum wage

The Portland Green Independent Committee released a statement Thursday morning announcing their intentions to create a citizen’s initiative to establish a $15 per hour minimum wage in Maine’s largest city. Here’s the statement in full: “The Portland Green Independent Committee will soon begin the process to create a living wage of $15 an hour for […]