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Portland woman pens epic post about city’s rental market

A paddle boarder maneuvers around the Casco Bay Ferries.

It’s no secret that Portland’s rental market is in shambles. With the vacancy rate hovering somewhere between never-gonna-happen and might-as-well-move-to-Westbrook, working class Portlanders are finding it increasingly impossible to find an affordable place to call home in Maine’s largest city. What once was a market where $1000 could cover move in costs of a security […]

Portland man shares story of recovery, message of support

Richard Earles

Much has been made of Maine Gov. Paul LePage’s recent comments about drug addiction and recovery treatment. In regards to the overdose-reversing drug known as naloxone, or Narcan, LePage has said that the drug doesn’t save lives, it merely extends them. As has been reiterated by an endless stream of physicians, emergency medical responders, police […]

Driver takes wrong turn on Baxter Boulevard, gets stuck on walking path

Photo- Joe Forestell

Portland’s streets have a reputation for being confusing, what with all the one-ways and crowded intersections, but on Tuesday this driver made a wrong turn of epic proportions on the Back Cove walking trail that runs alongside Baxter Boulevard and I-295 (click to enlarge): The photo was taken by Joe Forestell, and posted on the Facebook […]

Portland mayor responds to concerns on proposed closing of health clinic

Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling. Photo- Troy R. Bennett, BDN.

There’s been a lot of understandable outrage over the proposed closing of the India Street Health Clinic in Portland, and Mayor Ethan Strimling wants the public to know that their concerns are being heard. He also wants people to know about the opportunities that will be available for them to make themselves heard and speak in […]

No matter your circumstances, Maine Homeless Veteran’s Alliance is here to help

Roger Goodoak

For as long as I’ve known Roger Goodoak of the Maine Homeless Veteran’s Alliance, I’ve been inspired by his generosity and dedication to helping those less fortunate in the greater Portland area. Portland has a lot of social service agencies that take care of many of the needs of the marginalized people in our community, […]

Why losing Paul’s grocery hurts us to the core

Paul's Food Center. Image from Google Street View.

With our white-hot real estate market, world-class restaurant scene, and worldwide notoriety for all things cultural, one could make the argument that Portland has never been doing better than it is today. Anyone who remembers what Portland looked and felt like just as recently as a couple of decades ago, though, must wonder what our little […]