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Carolina ACC Barnstorming Tour makes a rare stop in Maine tonight


For 36 years top players from the legendary Atlantic Coast Conference’s men’s basketball teams have gotten together in April and traveled around playing local club and high school teams. It’s called the ACC Barnstorming Tour, and it’s featured such players as Michael Jordan, Len Bias, and Tyler Hansbrough. The tour usually sticks to the southeastern […]

Local activist “furious” after Portland City Council meeting

Asher Platts.

From the Facebook page of local activist and Maine Green Independent Party leader Asher Platts: “I just left the joint finance committee meeting of the Portland City Council and the Portland School board, and I’m furious. For those that don’t know, the Portland School Board was arguing for a budget that kept pace with inflation. […]

Native Maine writer catches big break in Hollywood

Bo Belanger with older brother Ryan in Los Angeles.

Since moving to Los Angeles in 2008, native Mainer Bo Belanger, 31, of Portland, has steadily climbed the enduring, competitive ladder in pursuit of his goal to make a career out of writing in Hollywood. He has written for the Disney Channel, produced his own YouTube series, and most recently was the staff writer for a new […]

Portland Greens announce plan to seek $15 minimum wage


The Portland Green Independent Committee released a statement Thursday morning announcing their intentions to create a citizen’s initiative to establish a $15 per hour minimum wage in Maine’s largest city. Here’s the statement in full: “The Portland Green Independent Committee will soon begin the process to create a living wage of $15 an hour for […]