Owner of Portland diner defends screaming at baby

Image from Zomato.com

Image from Zomato.com

A Sunday morning Facebook post by Darla Neugebauer, owner of Marcy’s Diner in Portland, defending her actions after screaming at a baby in her restaurant for crying, went viral within hours.

The post, which garnered over 1000 shares, 1500 likes, and 4500 comments by Sunday night, has since been deleted, but not before triggering a torrent of both negative and positive reviews on the Marcy’s Diner Facebook page.

The negative reviews include comments such as:

“To yell at a 2yr old you should be ashamed. How dare you!” and “I wouldn’t go to this place if someone paid me to. Who yells at a baby?!”

Positive reviewers are saying things like:

“Def going to bring my well behaved children here when we go to Portland next!” and “Good food and Mainers that tell it like it is. One of the reasons I love my state so much.”

On Sunday afternoon, Neugebauer defended her actions to WCSH 6 news:

As of Monday morning, the WCSH video has over 14,000 likes, 15,000 shares, and 5,000 comments.

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